VFD Dog Simulator

Noritake Itron GU144X16D-7053B Arduino Library

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Arduino VFD Dog Simulator

I recently got my hands on a little 144 x 16 px Vacuum Flourescent Display (VFD).

Since I've got spare time over the holidays, I thought I'd make an Arduino library for it. One thing led to another, and I ended up making a pooping, barking "dog simulator" (starring my real life pooch "Sunny").

Noritake Itron provide their own library, but I wanted to make a less bloated one.

YouTube Video v2 - platform game

YouTube Video v1


The 8x8 pixel dog platform game (v2).

An Arduino library with the dog simulator as an example (v1).

The full datasheet for the GU144X16D-7053B.

Last Update: 29th December, 2014
Reason: Added frameskipping + laying and sleeping states.