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Radio Face Plate

Saturday, 20-Aug 2022 @ 11:57 am
Radio Face Plate


Toyota Shaft-Style Radio Face Plate

3D-printable faceplates to "hide the crimes" when your original dash has been molested.

If you can't be bothered with all this "making", you can just order one from my Shapeways shop.

Source Files

See the git repo here:

I've provided two variants for the first-gen Celica ready to go: early (A21/A22//A25/A27) and late (A28/A29/A35). The only real difference is the power symbol in the RA28 labels.

I had a TA22 radio in my RA28 for a while before buidling my own DIY Arduino Car Stereo, and as far as I know the shaft-spacing and nose hole size is the same.

Annoyingly, the shafts aren't vertically centered with the nose like they are on some other old Toyotas (like the RN41 Hilux).

Note: The font used is Inter Bold, which is a free and open-source alternative to Helvetica on Google Fonts.

STL Files

The STL files are the ones you probably want:

FreeCAD Files

You can modify the FreeCAD files to fit any other shaft-style radio or car.

I've made all of the dimensions editable via the "parameters" spreadsheet in the FreeCAD projects. That should cover most cases. If you want to get fancier than that you're on your own ;)

Also, if you modify the FreeCAD project and want to export your changes to an STL file for printing, you'll have to use the "Mesh" workbench. Again, YouTube videos will be your best learning resource for this stuff.

Important Dimensions

If you're curious, here are the dimensions used:


Width 165 mm
Height 52 mm
Depth 3 mm Thickness of plate is actually 2mm because of the cavity
Plate Rear Cavity 1 mm To clear the original embossed labels
Nose Width 85.5 mm Nose = big rectangular center hole
Nose Height 32 mm
Text/Rim Depth 0.75 mm emboss protrusion
Shaft Spacing 123 mm center-to-center

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About RetroJDM

This all got started when I purchased a couple of JDM brochures for my RA28 Celica. I'm now completely obsessed with old Japanese cars. Basically, if it's Japanese and had chrome bumpers, I love it!

You may have noticed there's no longer an online store. I've made all the sticker source files available for download. Feel free to print your own, make T-Shirts or whatever :)

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