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2T-G, 2T-GR Airbox

Friday, 06-Feb 2015 @ 11:42 am
2T-G, 2T-GR Airbox


I was given some high resolution photos to work from and recreated the 2T-G and 2T-GR Airbox sticker.

Unlike the 18R-GU Airbox sticker (which is a cleaned up scan of my actual airbox sticker), The text on this was translated and re-typed.

The sticker should be 150 x 27 mm and printed on silver vinyl/film.

It's best if you work from the PSD file (the PNG has a gradient effect added). Let me know if you need a different file format.

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You may have noticed there's no longer an online store. I've made all the sticker source files available for download. Feel free to print your own, make T-Shirts or whatever :)

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