Weber DCOE .PSD and .AI files

Friday, 01-May 2015 @ 11:43 am
Weber DCOE .PSD and .AI files


I'm looking into adding either an ITG Megaflow JC50/40 or Pipercross PX600 sausage-style air filter to my 18R-G.

I need to buy a blank baseplate and cut holes for dual 45 DCOEs.

After a bit of Googling, I couldn't find a vector or CAD file for the bolt spacing etc, so I've decided to make my own (and why not make a gasket?).

Using the technical drawings I could find, and measuring my own Weber 45 DCOE's to confirm, here's what I've come up with.

To allow room for slip-in ram tubes, the choke hole diameter on the 45 DCOE gasket is 50mm. For 40 DCOE's, it would be 46.5mm.

Carb-Center Spacing for Dual DCOE's on an 18R-G

By the way, for anyone else making a baseplate for dual DCOE's/DHLA's on an 18R-G (using the short manifold, 17111-88231): the carb center-to-center spacing is 199mm (or 109mm from the centers of choke #2 and #3).

You'll also need a "RH" offset to clear the brake booster on right-hand-drive models. Meaning, choke #4 (rear of engine, on the left of the baseplate) is much closer to the edge of the baseplate than #1 is.

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