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Andrew's 1982 Hilux (RN41) + 18R-GU

Sunday, 01-Nov 2015 @ 1:51 am
Andrew's 1982 Hilux (RN41) + 18R-GU

A few weeks ago my brother bought me this Hilux (he felt sorry for me having to spend a boat-load of money moving back to Australia from Canada).

So over the last couple of weeks it's seen a lot of love:

  • battery
  • valve stem seals
  • ignition coil
  • ignition leads
  • rotor / cap / condensor
  • spark plugs
  • oil filter
  • oil change
  • Air filter
  • radiator flush / new coolant
  • rebuilt / cleaned carb
  • vacuum hoses
  • washer bottle motor / lines
  • full tune-up following the "green bible" 18R Engine Repair Manual
  • regreased all joints
  • repainted wheels
  • degreased / repainted chassis

Plans for the future are:

  • Fix the tacho :(
  • Bleed brakes and possibly new pads/rotors/drums/shoes
  • Bleed clutch
  • roadworthy / rego
  • "T" center caps
  • square-edge 14" wheel trim rings
  • Older style chrome bumper
  • Possibly 6-rectangle 4x4 grille
  • Wooden sides like my last Hilux
  • Inherit my Celica's 18R-GU when I build an angry one for the Celica

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